What's Your Motivation?

By: Jaime Schrabeck

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While plenty of research happens with primary (elementary and middle) and secondary (high) school students, limited research focuses on post-secondary students pursuing a vocational career. That’s unfortunate given how many students enroll in beauty schools to become licensed pros.

The more we learn about beauty school students, the more we can improve the educational experience and the industry overall.

Let’s start by asking a simple question: what motivates you to study? Even if you’re not currently a student, you can answer this questionnaire* that contains a number of statements concerning your reasons for studying. After you read each statement, please respond according to what you believe is true of yourself. For each statement, there are four possible responses:

  1. This is never true of me.
  2. This is sometimes true of me.
  3. This is often true of me.
  4. This is always or almost always true of me.

To respond, write the number that best fits your first reaction on the line preceding the statement. Don't respond according to what you think a student should say. There are no right or wrong answers and your response to one statement should not influence your response to another statement. 

____I study because I want a good job in the future.

____I study because I don't want to be disliked by an instructor.

____I study because I like knowing new things.

____I study because I want to get better grades than my classmates.

____I study because I feel good when I overcome stumbling blocks and failure. 

____I study because I want people to see how smart I am.

____I study because I am pleased when I can solve a difficult problem.

____I study because I am very curious.

____I study because I want to attain status in the future.

____I study because I don't want my classmates to make fun of me.

____I study because I want to be proud of getting good grades.

____I study because I like challenging difficult problems.

____I study because I enjoy discovering how much I have improved.

____I study because I want to get good grades.

____I study because I like to use my head.

____I study because I want to be praised by my instructors and family.

____I study because I don't want to fail quizzes and tests.

____I study because I want to be noticed by my friends.

____I study because it's interesting to solve problems.

____I study because I want to graduate and get licensed.

After completing the questionnaire, consider how you would have responded as a high school student. Does the subject matter make any difference? Next week, I’ll explain what your responses reveal about your motivation and how that impacts your ability to learn and apply information. 

*Questionnaire based on the work of Hyamizu and Weiner (1991) exploring the relationship between goals and perceptions of ability. 

If you’d like to share your experience and be featured in a future column, please email me at jaime@precisionnnails.com.

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