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Now that you’ve completed your training in the beauty & wellness industry, where do you find work? After all, you want an employer that supports your ambition and helps develop your talent, right? With so many job listings to choose from, how do you know which ones to apply to? 



What to Think About as a New Professional 


These questions are valid and something worth considering. After all, it’s your career at stake. When looking for fashion and beauty jobs, there are some things you’ll want to think about. 


Location is Key 


The first is location. Are there careers in cosmetology in your area? If there are hair stylist job openings, you’ll want to select a workplace that is conveniently located so you can make it from home to the salon or spa with ease. 


Let a Company’s Reputation Speak for Itself 


Another thing to consider when seeking career opportunities in hair and beauty is reputation. What do other people think and say about the spa or salon you’re considering working for? If the feedback is good, it’s likely going to be a place you’ll want to work for a long time. 


Network Your Way into a Position 


If the company you’d like to work for has hairdressing job vacancies, will you be able to get your foot in the door? Did the school you go to for training offer job placement services? This is one of the surest ways to answer the question, “How to get a job in the beauty industry?” 


Always Seek Opportunities 


Hair stylist career information is available from the professionals you'll one day work with. Seek out their advice as to where you should start your career. Keep your eyes open while looking for jobs in the industry. 


Put Your Work Out There 


You never know when knowing the right person helps. Whenever you create an online presence and network with other professionals in the industry, you’re more likely to find the perfect place to work. People will refer you to companies hiring talent in the beauty & wellness industry. 


Hard Work Pays Off 


That means that you won’t have to look hard for the perfect job. You’ve already done the hard work by receiving the training and putting your skills out there for others to see. You’ve rubbed elbows at events, attended workshops and conferences, too. 


Let Your Online Portfolio Shine 


Your online portfolio speaks for itself. You’ve got the skills to make your career a success no matter where you work. You won’t have a hard time convincing others of that either. 


Use Beauty Cast Network Regularly 


If you’re one of many beauty therapists looking for jobs, you’ll find Beauty Cast Network to be a valuable resource. Download the free Beauty Cast Network app on your smartphone. Answer a few questions, upload your resume and pictures of your work, and get access to thousands of pro beauty industry opportunities


You’re also able to see additional hairdresser career information in the event you’re just starting out with your training or need to brush up on your skills before seeking employment. 



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