Work, Work, Work, Work, Work- Stress-Free!

By: Rachel Carpenter

Stress tolerance is important no matter what you do. Whether you’re the manager of a salon, just graduated from beauty school still studying, or recently hired, the business world can give you reasons to stress! But the important thing to do is look at what is bringing you stress and get down to the source. Your career is a huge aspect of your life and being able to manage your stress is key to having great work experience. Let’s look at a few days to develop stress tolerance in your job!


Take a Deep Breath

You may be struggling to master a certain skill or get along with a particular co-worker. Though this issue seems like a huge deal at the time, it isn’t what defines you as a beauty professional. Take a deep breath. Giving yourself a break from the stress that you may be experiencing because of this conflict can feel huge.


Put the Issue in Perspective

Put the situation into perspective. As I said, your conflict may feel bigger than yourself- but there are ways to manage it. Maybe work on the skill more in your free time or have a conversation with the co-worker. When you put your problem into perspective and realize how small it is the grand scheme of your career and life as a whole, it doesn’t feel so large.


Never Give Up on Education

There is always something to learn from the stress that you have experienced. Once you have taken a deep breath and put the situation in perspective, you may feel that you have managed the stress and that it is over. And it is. But just because the situation has passed doesn’t mean that it has no learning value. Think about how you handled the situation and use that learning experience to teach yourself how to deal with a similar situation that may come up. Since you know how to handle it, there will be no reason to stress in the future!


Doing these three things won’t make all your stress go away but they do help! Implementing them will give you a more professional and realistic mindset in dealing with conflict or sources of your career stress!

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