Working Alongside Lack of Motivation

By: Rachel Carpenter

Being motivated in your career is an amazing feeling. One feels better and more fulfilled in their career by keeping an excited and willing attitude- ready for whatever life throws at them. But often, we get bogged down by others in our life who don’t value motivation the way we do. It’s easy to feel silly for being motivated when others around you are down or apathetic. But what we must realize is that our motivation is a positive feeling- the right answer if you will. By letting the mentality of others convince us that our feelings and positive emotions aren’t valid or necessary, we are being brought DOWN. 

That person may be a co-worker or a close friend that you really value or care about. How do you go about being around this person and spending time with them, but not allowing their negativity and lack of excitement rub off on us? Here are a few tips!


1. Stay Close to the Positive Ones in Your Life

  • Being close with one less motivated individual doesn’t mean to cut off all the motivators in your life! If you value your friend or co-worker that’s more negative, it’s still good to spend time with them but you should also be intentional about spending time with other passionate individuals like yourself! By limiting the negativity you will keep your world-view positive while also growing yourself with other excited co-workers or friends. 


2. Be Understanding 

  • By understanding that apathy may just be a part of your friend or co-worker’s personality, you are accepting them for who they are without changing yourself. It is often unclear what people are going through in their personal lives or even at work. Their lack of motivation could stem from a larger issue. Communicating with them and always being willing to lend an ear can help this person more than you know. In being supportive, the person doesn’t feel that you judge them for this mentality but rather want to encourage them to find their inner happiness and motivation. 


3. Have a Personal Relationship with Motivation

  • By holding yourself personally accountable for your outlook you are building a better work environment for yourself! Maybe others around you are less motivated… but it doesn’t matter if you are grounded in what brings you this passion and excitement. By building your inner motivation (as we talked about in the last couple of weeks) the external contributors to an ‘I don’t care’ attitude will seem a whole lot more quiet. Take ownership of your attitude and don’t let anyone else steer you away from the direction you want to go and what you want to achieve. 

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