You Get What You Give - New Year’s Resolutions: Take 2!

By: BCN Communications

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So, you’ve survived January and finally ventured into February! Know what that means?


It’s time to take a quick assessment of how you’re doing with the goals you’ve set for yourself in the New Year. You know the drill; the process of bidding goodbye to the old and embracing the new.


New Year's resolutions are notoriously difficult to keep. Perhaps, you’re more interested in developing great habits, focusing on a few simple shifts that will serve you both personally and professionally. Here are some places you can begin (and you don’t even have to give up carbs!):




No matter how many back-to-back color appointments you’ve had today or how wiped out you feel after an incredible evening of socializing around town, there’s something you’ve got to do before you crawl into your oh-so-inviting bed. Cleanse your face!


Taking off your make up before you hit the sack is time-tested wisdom that you can’t deny. The results will show. Healthy, radiant skin makes a beautiful canvas for tomorrow’s makeup as well. For the rare times that you just can’t even, stash some makeup wipes by your bed so that you have no excuses!




Authenticity (tempered with professionalism, of course) is an attractive quality. Make it a point to interact with your clients a bit more informally. Ask appropriate questions and really listen to better understand their needs.


A crucial key to being a successful beauty professional is the ability to communicate with your clients well. You cannot expect to build a bond with someone if you do not have the patience to have a meaningful conversation and, sometimes, allow them to share a bit of their personal lives with you.




There’s always a new learning opportunity around the corner when you’re in the beauty industry. More and more styles, techniques, and products are being developed and a beauty professional who wants to grow and succeed must keep pace with the evolving industry. How do you find out all about these new trends? You include other stylists and beauty professionals into your social circle, do your research, invest in training opportunities, attend industry trade shows, and so on.




No business can work unless promoted well. Chalk up a promotion plan and then stick to it. Promote your services whenever you can. If you’ve been putting off your social media streamlining, now’s the time to get to it. For more information on where to focus, check out a few of our past articles here and here.




You’ve got to know your numbers to grow your numbers. Keep a check on your earnings. Basically, prioritize saving and live within your means so that you know if and when it’s time to tighten up those purse strings rather than leaving it up to chance.


As an independent beauty professional or a professional seeking to one day open a salon, managing expenses, inventory, and sales are crucial to success. Start now; start small if you must. Taking time out to simply track where your money is currently being spent creates an awareness that’s necessary to help make the changes you need to move forward.




Is there something in your business that was once great, but, perhaps, is no longer serving you? Now could be the time for a change. Let go of advertising/marketing efforts that aren’t working for you or say goodbye to the supplier who continually fails to deliver as promised and jeopardizes the quality of your services. Invest wisely by doing business with companies that deserve your hard-earned dollars.


Small shifts can often lead to big change. What’s more, these thoughtful choices become good habits that will bring you closer to your goals, no matter what those goals may be. So, maybe your resolutions weren’t quite what you had in mind? Trade them in and take on one (or all!) of the ‘shifts’ above. (We promise, we won’t tell!) 

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