Your Reputation Precedes You: Values & Qualities to Succeed in the Professional Beauty Industry

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Working in the salon industry requires constant interaction with your customers as you develop loyal, long-lasting relationships. It is practically impossible (or, at the very least, infinitely more difficult) to do so without adopting the right attitude and great communication skills.


The professional beauty and wellness industry commands a certain level of discipline and professionalism that is to be followed by all stylists, a set of rules and ethics to ensure an amicable environment in their workplace and success of their salon business.


Here are some common values and qualities that influence reputation and success, both inside and outside of the salon:




While this might sound like a cliché, honesty is, indeed, the best policy to adopt when interacting with your colleagues and clients at the salon. Your professional recommendation is incredibly important, whether you’re determining if the integrity of the client’s hair will be taken to that “point of no return” during a chemical process or you’re putting together the perfect selection of take-home products.


You must be truthful and upfront in your work. Never make false claims about a product or treatment to your clients. Broken trust, resulting from misleading claims and setting unrealistic expectations, can be tough to repair.




Being a reliable employee who takes complete accountability for his or her actions is a surefire way to climb the ladder of success in the beauty and wellness industry. Time management is a major aspect of building reliability among your colleagues and clients.


For instance, constantly running behind and making your clients wait for an appointment is a big “no” when it comes to maintaining your credibility in the salon. On the rare occasions that it can’t be avoided, be certain to communicate with your client immediately and do what’s necessary to make the situation right.




When you love what you do, your job doesn’t feel as much like a “job” anymore. As such, it is imperative to develop a passion for your craft as a hair stylist or make-up artist and attend to your customers with a genuine willingness to deliver exceptional results.


Loving your job not only helps you find fulfillment in your work but also motivates you to focus on learning what's new in the industry and improve yourself to become even better. It’s important to feed your passion.



In the beauty and wellness industry, there will be many times that your skills as a team player are necessary. Perhaps the receptionist had to step away for an emergency phone call and the phone is constantly ringing. Maybe a co-worker has gotten double-booked and really needs some assistance. Adopting an “it’s not my job” approach is not ok.


One of the professional ethics of working in the salon is taking the initiative to lend a helping hand to those in need and thinking about the business as a whole. Instead of merely concentrating on your individual professional growth, you must believe in building a better team for the success and growth of the entire salon.




Being in a customer-centric industry, you are required to look your best at all times. Since a salon is a business built on image and grooming, you need to embody the very essence of your job in your everyday work attire. As a stylist, you are the expert that clients consult for fashion and beauty assistance. As such, it is imperative to look the part.


Regardless of whether your salon has a specific dress code or not, put thought and effort into how you style yourself, in well-washed and ironed clothes that go with the inherent theme and image of your brand. In addition, your own personal grooming counts – hair, skin, nails, and makeup.


So, take some time to evaluate how you measure up. If you find there’s some opportunity for improvement, develop a plan on how you can start making small shifts and make the shifts. With a bit of dedication to change, you’ll reap the rewards of your work in both your professional and personal life.



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